Boulder Colorado cu university

Karim - Sunday, 13 June 2010 05:03

long time ago ,the university was undergoing a massive expansion. This triggered debate over the architectural style of the campus. The consensus was that the University should be built in a unified style, but which style was the center of the debate. Some wanted to follow the style of Macky Auditorium, which was Neo-Gothic, while others wanted to use the Collegiate Gothic style of many East Coast schools. However, Charles Klauder, the chosen architect, presented then President Norlin with sketches of new buildings in Italian Rural Architecture. This style was developed in the mountains of northern Italy, and Klauder and Norlin felt that it was a harmonious fit with the Boulder foothills.
The most obvious characteristics of this style on the Boulder campus are the rough, textured walls and the sloping, multi-leveled roofs with red tile. The sandstone used in the construction of nearly all the buildings on campus was selected from a quarry in Lyons, Colorado. The architecture had a rugged yet classical feel, fitting for a western University. Klauder’s vision for the campus took nearly twenty years to complete, and laid the foundation for the future design of the campus.
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