Boulder Colorado

Karim - Friday, 16 July 2010 02:37

Boulder Colorado is a great town located in the hearts of the Rockies it is known for its famous university or the University of Colorado it is considered the seventh best university in the whole United States of America students from all over the world coming for their college degree the beautiful blue skies and a fresh air of the Rockies makes that town very unique there are 300 sunny days in the whole year to grates outdoors and the hiking in the Rockies makes it very famous. There are about 40,000 students register out CU boulder, one of the best ways of transports in from Denver airports to boulder use the shuttle bus but the problem is the waitting time it takes forever to catch the bus from boulder city Airport taxis are more convenient so are the limousine service, Denver Airport transportation provides a very reliable way all transports from dia to boulder hour rates are the same as a taxicab for about $83.00 you can have a nice ride in a town car up to three passengers it takes about 45 minutes from Denver airports to Boulder Colorado
in the early to mid 1800s the nomadic southern Arapahoe native Americans tribes frequently wintered at the base of the foothills in the boulder area chief niowat and his tribe called the sites their home the nomdic tribes included Cheyenne comanches and sioux.

Gold silver and coal mining continued to be parts of the local economy until the mid 19 hundred’s the first European settlers in the area war gold hunters they arrived in 1858 when boulder was part of Nebraska, boulder steel have a lot of these monuments all over the town according to 2007 estimate the median household income in boulder is $52,000 and a median family income is $85,000 Males have a median income of $41,000 boulder housing tends to be prized higher than the surrounding areas for the second quarter of 2006 the median single family home in boulder sold for $548,000 and the median attached dwellings gondola or town homes that sold for $262,000.

According to the National Association of realtors during the same periods the median value of single family homes at Nationwide was $227,000. The city of boulder is in the Boulder Valley where rocky mountains meets the grades planes